We'll stop here for now.

With a heavy heart, we're sorry to announce that as of today, the Hello Roaming service will no longer be available. While we have received nothing but encouraging feedback from you, we have to remain realistic in our efforts. And the truth is that we haven't been able to grow Hello Roaming as fast as we believe we should have.

We started our company with a simple vision to help every traveller get connected to the internet when they land. We wanted to help travellers save on expensive international data roaming charges. After tinkering with various technologies for months, we were convinced that the cheapest and easiest way to do so was to purchase a local SIM Card.

We then wanted to make purchasing a local SIM Card a whole lot simpler and easier, by allowing travellers to buy one that suited their needs even before they boarded the plane. It was a simple buy, plug-and-play solution.

But in the end, delivery is a numbers game and you need enormous volume to keep the business running. In the process of running business and learning more about our portion of the market, we failed to secure funding to prolong our journey. More than that, with the new direction we wanted to head to, we didn't feel confident enough that we were the right team to do the mission full justice.

Sadly, the Hello Roaming story ends here, today. For the next 3 weeks, our priority is to help you transition to other services that will help you get connected to the internet when you land at your travel destination. Feel free to write to us at help@helloroaming.com. We read and respond to all notes/letters/emails.

We would like to thank our partners from the industry, the press who covered our service, our valued investors, and our trusted customers for your unwavering support in our humble mission. Your support has given us the opportunity to take this journey.

We are proud and grateful to have helped so many people. Twas a fantastic experience serving you, and we would definitely be back in the near future, in new ways and in greater dimensions 😃

All the best for now,
The Hello Roaming Team